Remember, Remember the 8th of November….

My birthday is tomorrow, but fortunately and unfortunately my birthday is overshadowed by a more important event: the 2016 Presidential Election. I like to think that my life has come full circle: I was born on election day 22 years ago. My parents made a point to let me know that before I was born at 10:33 AM on November 8, 1994, my incredibly stubborn mom, who was already in labor, waddled into our local polling place to fulfill her civic duty. Even though it was an “off-year,” it still counts.remember-remember-blog-post

I like to think that this plays a significant role in why I am so passionate about politics, and making sure that my vote is heard. I also think that it may influence my future career path (we will have to see).

I have to say, as a young, college-educated, well-spoken, female that people assume who I am voting for. However, they are typically wrong, but all in all, as long as I am fulfilling the duty that Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Lucretia Mott fought for I should be able to go about my daily life without being ridiculed based on my political beliefs.

So, educate yourselves. Go vote and let your voice be heard.



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