Is blood really thicker than water?

I guess you could say I have been independent since the day I could walk. I have never been the person who needs someone to lean on when the going gets tough, I’ve been the type of person who isn’t afraid to let people go because of the way that they treat me, I’ve never been the type of person to let someone’s words hurt me, but the worst part about that is when your own blood are the people you let go. I’ve been through a lot in my 22 years of life, and some of the people who were once closest to me have let me down.

Have you ever had someone compete for your attention and love, and they cut about two inches off of your height every time you talk to them? I have had a family relationship like that since I was 15 years old, and finally, I have realized I am better off without it. At 15, I had one person who I knew would be with me forever, my brother. He’s still there, and we are closer than ever, and part of that is because of the bond that we have built because of how we were treated by some people we’ve crossed paths with, as well as the events that lead us to those crossings.

This isn’t supposed to be about how terrible I have it, but it’s such a slap in the face when the people you thought had your best interest in mind, don’t. It’s a slap in the face every time you talk to them and hear about how you’ve hurt them, but that was to help yourself grow and glue the broken pieces of yourself back together after they were done knocking you around.

In the past week, I have come to realize that blood isn’t always thicker than water. That sometimes the people who care for you most are the people who you have made your family. I have the greatest guy that I get to “do” life with. I look at the big picture and know that I have “three brothers” who would stand by my side through any trial, I have numerous “sisters” who have never let me cry by myself, and “parents” who aren’t my own, but have opened their hearts, homes, and arms to me.

So, I have had the realization that I am blessed. God has put me here for a purpose, and some day I will know what that is, but right now. I am going to keep living every day with the people who love me most, blood or not.

To the people who have never let me question your love and friendship; thanks for being my people.



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