In the blink of an eye…

In the last month and a half, I have come to the realization that middle America is wonderful in many ways except for in the job department. However, in the blink of an eye, we will be on to the next adventure. We are making due and slowly settling into a sense of “normal.”

Luckily, I have learned so much about myself in the last month and a half. I have learned that friends are a gift from God himself and that I should never take them for granted. I am blessed with girls who take time out of their days to spend time with me whether that happens to be on puppy play dates, lunch or coffee, craft days, movie and trashy tv bingeing, gym and yoga time and so many adventures. I have learned that getting out and about is important to keeping me sane and healthy, no matter what the reason or occasion.

I am enjoying long walks with Bruno and Jack on nights or days where the weather is nice enough. This time is my favorite part of the day. It gives Jack and me a time to talk about our days, our plans for the week, and all the little things that are swimming through our brains. We have enjoyed being able to spend more time together. Although I am sure at some point, we will both be itching to get rid of one another (only for a little bit). Lucky for us, we are both very independent people, and we learned so much about our relationshipbrun-in-socks, each other, and how happy we are together and apart in the last year and a half. However, as far as I am concerned the old adage is true, distance does make the heart grow fonder.

I am still job searching and hopeful to find something before we leave so I can make some quick money. In the meantime, I am keeping busy in other ways and letting my social butterfly wings flutter.

Everyone says not to wish time away, but we are both looking forward to finding out where we will go next, as well as the aircraft Jack will fly in the next part of his career. I am trying to savor every moment that we have before the harsh reality sets in that he will be gone approximately 200+ days a year. But for now, I am trying not to blink.

P.S. Since I have been bad about taking pictures here is a picture of Bruno in his favorite socks.


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