Home is where…?

Most people have a set home. I like to think that home is where my family resides. But, I also like to think home is where my heart is most happy, relaxed, and safe. Recently, I applied for a job, and it asked for my addresses for the past ten years. It did not take long for me to realize that I have lived in SEVEN places in those ten short years. Some of these locations were home by choice; some were not. Each of these “homes” is located in a different part of the US. I have lived in three time zones, three states, and four cities in these short ten years. This number will only increase as time goes on seeing as the Air Force now dictates where we spend our lives.

I also realized that my current residence could only be home until the end of March meaning I will only have lived here for 3.5 months. Which is by far the shortest period I have lived somewhere.

This is Jack, and I’s first time living together. He doesn’t like the word home because we will only be living in places for such short periods. He thinks of home as a place that will always be ours, somewhere we can return to after time away, a place that holds memories, and our belongings. The funny part about this house is that it is all his belongings. All my stuff is all stored in tubs in storage for the time being. I am crossing my fingers and toes in hopes that I will get to see and touch all of my possessions come August (say a prayer).

Luckily, I have come to realize one thing. I am great at packing and organizing this trait is one of my best and worst. I can have a house packed in a little over a week. In my life PACKED means sorted, organized, packed, labeled, and ready to go in that short period. I have to say that Rubbermaid tubs are my savior. They last longer than cardboard boxes, they are durable which prevents from damaged boxes and possessions, and they are reusable (Plus clothing doesn’t get that cardboard smell). Reusable for many is a perk. For military purposes, it is just as important, especially with moves coming every 3-5 years depending on orders. Unfortunately, we still have some belongings to organize.

I have enjoyed living all over our beautiful country. It has not only allowed me to experience different ways of life, and new people and places. Living in different locations has given me the chance to travel and experience all that the US has to offer. I am hoping to end up somewhere that allows me to continue traveling and wandering the world. Included are some of my favorite things about my past homes.


Christmas in NY


Home Sweet Colorado


Home Sweet Colorado



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